Gain 20 Watts in 4 Weeks! Proven Pro Training Methods. Heart Rate & Power, 7-9 hrs/wk

In this 4 Week Training Plan I share some 25+ years of racing experience and training knowledge that I have gathered while racing as a professional cyclist and later as a coach to some local and international amateur and professional cyclists. This detailed Training Plan is designed to boost your 5-20 minute power output by at least 20 watts in just 4 weeks. The training includes highly specific threshold, sub threshold, big gear, and VO2 training to help you gain lots of strength in a short amount of time. *Please note there is a new version of this plan using the TrainingPeaks workout builder platform using power only (see store). When starting the plan you should have a good base of fitness and be somewhat rested and free from any medical conditions. Please note you should receive a "Plan Description" PDF with the plan which includes more details and a link to calculate your specific heart rate or power zones. If you do not receive the PDF please email me at:

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