Gain Power and Peak Form for Road Racing in 6 Weeks, Heart Rate & Power, 7-9hrs/wk

Do you have an upcoming road race that you want to peak for? Maybe it's the State Champs, National Champs or a road race you have set your sights on. This plan is designed to bring you in to peak form in 6 weeks! Designed by a former professional cyclist and 2 time Professional road race national champion coach Simon Kessler. The Plan is designed to work with your busy schedule and averages between 8-12 hours/week. You may increase ride times, if you have more time. The key to this plan is the highly specific intervals that are going to bring you in to top form and strength. The plan is flexible on weekends and allows for races, fast group rides or a specific interval session. Included with this plan you will receive a Training Zones calculator for heart rate, power and perceived exertion for all the training zones and specific intervals prescribed. Time to hit peak form in 6 weeks!

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