Get in Great Shape for the Argus Cycle Tour in 4 Weeks, Heart Rate & Power, 8hrs/wk

Do you want to get in great shape for the upcoming Argus Cycle Tour? This 4 week training plan will get you into great form quickly for the Argus so that you break for goal time and have a great ride! Designed by a former professional cyclist and 2 time RSA Professional road race national champion coach Simon Kessler. The key to this plan is the highly specific intervals that are going to bring you into top form and strength fast. The schedule will work with your busy schedule. You can reduce the total weekly training time to around 6 hours/week while still completing the specific intervals. The training outlined works with power, heart rate, or perceived exertion. Simply refer to the training zones calculator included with the plan. Wishing you great training and a great ride at the Argus!

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