Gravel Grind Endurance Race - Intermediate Plan

This is a 12 week plan designed for those riders with a goal of riding an endurance gravel event and being competitive during the event. If your goal is to be competitive in your age group and feel fit and fast then this is the plan for you. It will take you through every phase from establishing a solid base, building up your endurance, as well as working on your top end speed. This plan is built for athlete's that already have experience riding, and are comfortable with longer endurance rides and dedicated speed work.

As you build your base fitness and extend your training rides you'll be working towards a goal of riding a gravel grind and being competitive. This plan includes at least 1 day off (Monday), as well as strength training, some interval work, tempo rides, and long rides on the weekends. It's necessary that you establish your heart rate or power zones at the start of this plan to take full advantage.

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