Great Cyclocross Form in 6 Weeks, Cat 3-5, M 35-55, Heart Rate & Power, 8-10hrs/wk

This 6 week CX training plan is designed for men and women racing cyclists in Category 3-5 & Masters 35-55 age range. This plan will work well for you if you train between 8-10 hours/week on average. The training plan is designed to first increase your threshold power and ability to make fast and repeated accelerations. Later in the plan the training focus switches to race simulation with very intense short efforts that simulate racing. In the final 3 weeks of the training plan CX races are prescribed as an option on weekends or a specific workout or a race-simulation group ride. Please note: although the training plan allocates CX skill and barrier practice on certain days, it is up to you to work on this very important component with experienced CX racers and coaches. The plan does not cover specific on-the-bike CX skills training. Before starting the plan you should have a high level of fitness and have already performed sub threshold and threshold type interval training. Ideally, 2 months+ of regular training should precede this plan. This plan is the result of 20 years of professional racing and coaching experience combined with the latest training methods. You will find the training plan highly descriptive and precise, guaranteeing you get the most out of each workout.

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