Griffin Jaworski - First Marathon Training Plan

This training plan is designed for people looking to build up to their first marathon through a gradually progressing long run and an emphasis on consistent training. This plan mixes distance based training with time based training to give the athlete the ability to run based on feel for the recovery days, while ensuring they prepare adequately to handle the marathon distance. It also incorporates a fair amount of exercises that focus on posterior chain strength, hip strength, and mobility, to reduce the risk of overuse injuries. The last thing that makes this plan slightly different than a typical training plan is the weekly check in on the Monday of each week, outlining the focus for that week as well as providing a link to my go-to resources! Above all, the goal of the plan is to prepare the athlete for a good performance at the marathon...performance in this case meaning how the athlete feels AND how they make the people around them feel. Distance running may be classified as an individual sport, but it is most certainly a team effort throughout the entire journey. I hope you enjoy the process!

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