Griggs Orthopedics Performance 12 week mountain bike training plan for the Half Growler

Welcome to the Griggs Orthopedics Performance 13 week mountain bike training program for the 2016 Half Growler 32 mile MTB race. This plan has been developed by coach Jenny Smith. Jenny is a USA cycling coach who lives in Gunnison, Colorado. She has raced the Growler and the Half Growler many times finishing first, second or third each time she has raced. She knows the trails intimately and is using her experience and expertise with the local event, terrain and preparation needed to build your 12 week training program. In writing this plan Jenny has assumed that the person using it is of a fitness level and skill level to be able to take on the challenge of the Growler. The intention of the training program is to help you prioritize your time and efforts to prepare you for your best performance. Included in the plan are training workouts, strength, mobility, recovery and relaxation sessions, along with tips for technical skills, mental skills and nutrition. This program is designed to give you peak fitness, strength, skills and knowledge to have your best race. Lets get started!

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