Hal Higdon: 1/2 Marathon--Intermediate 2

Hal Higdon: 1/2 Marathon: Intermediate 2: This is a new program, one of three new programs I created for my recent book, "Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training. I split the old, single Intermediate program in two: Intermediate 1 (endurance) and Intermediate 2 (speed). The main difference between the two is that Intermediate 2 features one day of speedwork. I don't consider one program harder than the other. They exists parallel to each other in different universes, like the Earth 1 and Earth 2 of comic book lingo. The third new program is Half Marathon 3 (HM3), similar to my Marathon 3 program in that it features only 3 days of running and 2 days of cross-training. It is aimed at those runners who find it difficult to train 4, or 5, or 6 days a week. Take a look at all my training programs before you push the "buy" button. Make sure you select the program most appropriate for your level of fitness. Mondays in 1/2 Marathon--Intermediate 2 is for cross training, starting at 30 minutes, peaking at 1 hour in Week 11, one week out from your half marathon race. Tuesdays and Thursdays are easy days: 3-5 miles. In between on Wednesdays, you do speedwork, alternating tempo runs with interval training on the trac. Fridays are rest days leading to some pace running on Saturdays and long runs on Sundays, starting at 5 miles, peaking at 12 miles one week before the half marathon. Half Intermediate 2, make no mistake, is for experienced runners: individuals who have left their Novice roots behind and who want to improve their performances. Each day I will send you an email message telling you what to run and offering a tip about training. For more information, visit my website: halhigdon.com. Good luck following my Intermediate 1/2 Marathon Training Program.

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