Hal Higdon: 8-K--Intermediate

Hal Higdon: 8k--Intermediate: This training plan is designed for Intermediate runners readying themselves for an 8-K race, and like all my intermediate training programs, it is for individuals who want to improve their performances. What defines an Intermediate runner? You should be running five to six times a week, averaging 15-25 miles weekly training. You probably also should have run a half dozen or more races at distances 5-K and above, maybe even a marathon or two. With that as background, you now need a somewhat more sophisticated schedule so as to improve. If that doesn't sound like you, you might be more comfortable using one of my programs designed for Novice or Advanced runners. When you sign up, you will receive daily email messages telling you what to run along with training tips. For more information and directions, visit my website at halhigdon.com

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