Hal Higdon: Marathon 3

Hal Higdon: Marathon 3 Previously named Novice 3, this program does fit conveniently between Novice 2 and Intermediate 1, but its main feature (and appeal) is that it offers only three days of running and an extra dose of cross training for those of us who need a bit more rest between our running workouts. Marathon 3, thus, is for experienced runners, those who have been running a year or two or more and who have raced at distances between 5-K and the marathon. It is not an easy program. Expect to run more miles on those three days. You will also run three long runs of 20 miles in a program lasting 24 weeks. Each day I will send you an email telling you how to train, offering tips as well. For more information, visit my websire, halhigdon.com.

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