Hal Higdon: Marathon--Chicago 2017, Advanced 2

This Hal Higdon version of my Advanced 2 program is designed specially for runners training for the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 8, 2017. If you are training for a marathon with a different end date, back up and select one of my other training programs. Be warned: My Advanced 2 Marathon Training Program is the toughest one I offer. Be aware of that before you sign up. It is definitely not for beginners running their first marathon. It may not even be for very seasoned runners with 10 or 20 marathons under their belts. In addition to a high level of mileage and three 20-milers, Advanced 2 prescribes two days of speedwork. That's not easy. If you think you're capable of accepting this ultimate challenge, every day I will send you emails telling you what to run and offering training tips. For more information and directions, visit the marathon screens on my website: halhigdon.com.

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