Hal Higdon: Novice Supreme Program: 2017 Chicago Marathon

Are you a new runner with a limited background in running, yet you still would like to run The Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 8, 2017? This Novice Supreme Program is the training plan for you. Please note, however, that this program is specific to Chicago. If you are training for another marathon with a different end date, you need to check my training menu for programs general to all marathons. Novice Supreme combines my 12-week Novice Spring Training Program with my 18-week Novice 1 Marathon Training Program, but at a discount price compared to what you would pay for each program separately. You begin training 30 weeks ahead of your planned marathon with a long run of only 3 miles in the first week of training. Then after 12 weeks of graduated training, you make an easy transition to my 18-week Novice 1 Marathon Training Program that leads to a marathon of your choice. If you want success in your first marathon, this is the way to go. Below are some general instructions to get you started. As you continue to train, each daily email will provide you with information on how to prepare for a marathon. The 12-week Spring Training Program for Novice runners is one of my easiest. It is designed to get you in shape so that you can begin my 18-week Novice 1 Marathon Training Program, one that has been used by perhaps a quarter million runners already. There's no better way to become a runner than by following my graduated programs. You begin with a 3-miler the first weekend (and 9 total miles that week) and in a dozen weeks, you do a 6-miler on the weekend and 15 total miles. That brings you to the start point for my 18-week Novice 1 marathon training program. No special instructions are necessary. All you need to know is contained in the daily email messages I will send you telling you what to run each day and offering tips on many other aspects of running. Further information can be found on my Web site: www.halhigdon.com. It is easier to become a marathon runner than you might think. Begin today!

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