Hal Higdon: Personal Best: 2017 Chicago Marathon

This 30-week Personal Best Marathon Training Program is designed for experienced runners, those who have run two or three or more marathons and who would like to improve their times, to achieve Peak Performance, to set a Personal Record (PR), perhaps to score a Boston Marathon qualifying time (BQ). But you need time to complete it, a full 30 weeks between now and your marathon. If you have less than that time you might want to consider one of my standard marathon training programs lasting 18 weeks. Note also that this specific program is designed only for those planning to run The Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 8, 20017. If you want to train for a marathon with a different end date, you need to back up and select another plan. If truth be told, Personal Best is not exactly a new marathon training program, but rather two training programs combined for the convenience of Intermediate runners. Personal Best combines my 12-week Intermediate Base Training Program with my popular 18-week Intermediate 1 Marathon Training Program. If you are an experienced runner, you could just as easily access each of those programs and move from one to the other at the end of 12 weeks. But I've done the work for you. Most important, I can offer you this 30-week program at a lower price than if you signed up separately for the two programs on which it is based. You will receive daily emails telling you what to run, also offering motivational tips. For additional information, please access the instructions available on my Website, halhigdon.com. This is a great training program, in fact two great training programs for an unbeatable price available only to runners training for Chicago. Good luck with all your running goals.

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