Hal Higdon PLUS: Novice Supreme Marathon Training Program

PLUS: Hal Higdon's Novice Supreme Marathon Training: Are you a new runner with a limited background in running, yet you still would like to run a marathon? This Novice Supreme Program is the training plan for you! It combines my 12-week Novice Spring Training Program with my 18-week Novice Marathon Training Program, but at a discount price compared to what you would pay for each program separately. You begin training 30 weeks ahead of your planned marathon with a long run of only 3 miles in the first week of training. Then after 12 weeks of graduated training, you make an easy transition to my 18-week Novice Marathon Training Program that leads to a marathon of your choice. If you want success in your first marathon, this is the way to go. Each day I will send you an email telling you what to run and offering a training tip. For more information and directions, visit my website: halhigdon.com.

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