Hal Higdon's Boston Bound Marathon Training Program: 2017

Hal Higdon's Boston Bound Marathon Training Program--2017: Please be aware that this program is aimed at the 2017 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. If you sign up for Boston Bound, you will receive daily emails during the 12-plus weeks leading to that race. If you plan to train for another race, please consider using one of my other programs! The Boston Bound Training Program is designed not to help you qualify for Boston. It will not get you a BQ; it is aimed at people who already have scored a BQ and who have entered and been accepted into the 2017 race. It assumes an already high level of fitness, otherwise you would not have been able to meet Boston's strict qualifying standards. If a long run of 14 miles in only the second week sounds too far, you probably need to pick another training program. Also, unlike my usual 18-week marathon training programs, Boston Bound is only 12 weeks long, beginning in late January for the April race. If you have more (or less) time than that to train, you also may want to try another program. But Boston Bound is special, a unique experience. Each day I will send you an email telling you what to run and offering training tips. For more information and directions, visit my website: halhigdon.com. Perhaps the most important feature of Boston Bound is not merely the training: what to run on any one day. It is more the inspiration and motivation that will come in the daily tips. You will also learn more about the history of the Boston Marathon by following Boston Bound.

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