Hal Higdon's Winter Training Plan

Hal Higdon's Winter Training Plan: This is a training plan for runners living in cold-weather areas who can train either indoors or outdoors. But it can be used by runners living in warm-weather climates as well. The program lasts 13 weeks and can be used during a time of the year when runners do need some extra motivation to maintain training, if only because the days are shorter. Lack of sunshine can be as much a downer as ice and snow on the road. Each day you will receive an email message with three segments: 1) an outdoor running workout, 2) an indoor running workout, and 3) information related to many subjects from stretching and strength training to integrating these workouts with your running routine. You pick and choose what to run each day, either indoors or out. For more information on training, visit halhigdon.com.

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