Half Iron 70.3 Triathlon - 14 Week Beginner / Intermediate

This 14 week beginner to intermediate 70.3 training plan will includes a solid build with regular recovery weeks. Assuming athletes has basic knowledge of swim drills, has access to a track for speed work days and a trainer for occasional indoor bike workouts. (Most Trainer Ride workouts can be transferred to the road). Treadmill runs are included as well and match up to the Treadmill Workouts ebook on iTunes written by Coach Erin Truslow. Test weeks every 4 weeks for you to track your progress. If you have questions feel free to contact the coach erin@bigpistachio.com. This program will get you to the finish line of your next 70.3. Be sure to treat your body with kindness post hard workouts with stretching, rolling, massage, ice baths, cryo or your favorite way to recover. See you at the finish line!

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