Half Ironman 70.3 High Intensity Low Volume W/Strength 25 Wks - Dr Jeff Banas

25 Week Half Ironman Plan. Train Smart And Hard. Here is a brief look inside the training plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRNSBm7jcuY&feature=youtu.be Low Volume High Intensity with Strength Training These programs have a lot more strength training than most endurance training plans. There is a reason for this: Most people slow down in endurance sports NOT because of lack of cardio (out of breath), most people slow down because their legs are tired. Strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue. Another reason we do strength training is to help with cramping. Most people cramp in races NOT because of dehydration or salt loss, MOST cramping is because you are pushing your muscles harder and faster than you did in your training. Again strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue and help reduce cramping. Train one hour during the week and a little longer on the weekends. Are you ready to start training smart and avoid endless volumes of “junk miles”? Tired of looking like a skinny triathlete? If you are looking to increase your speed, increase the strength of your body or if you want to training for a Half Ironman, but still have a life, this program is for you. This program will make you work, but the results will pay off. The focus of this training plan is on short high intensity sessions but low volume. The primary goal is to increase your muscle’s resistance to fatigue. During the week you will only be training about one hour a day and on the weekends maybe around 2 to 3 hours at the most. Longest bike is 40 miles and the longest run is 10 miles, both are only done once. Have faith, the hard high intensity weight and strength training will get you to the finish line, likely faster than before. There is a lot of strength training in this program which will hopefully make your body strong enough that it can take the bounding over 70.3 miles and avoid injury and increase your body’s resistance to fatigue. Most people slow down because there legs get tired and not because a lack of cardio. Training sessions are short but high intensity (race pace or above). The first 3 weeks of the program, you will be doing strength training 3 days a week. The strength sessions are only about 30 min long and the total duration of the training during the week is only about one hour long. No more is needed. After the 3 weeks of strength training we will move more into a “CrossFit Style” of training and then we will move into sessions that are tempo and strength combined. These sessions will be at race pace or above. Please watch these two videos where Dr. Banas talks about his training philosophy http://physiotherapyaz.com/videos/ In this plane I would rather have you bike 30-40 miles and feel tired than bike 80 mile and feel fine. The plan is laid out as 3 weeks of build followed by a week of rest, recover and adapt. ***If you miss a workout or do not have time for all the workouts choose the heavy lifting strength sessions over the simple volume sessions. The strength sessions are the KEY workouts*** We are going to start off by building some strength so that your body will be able to handle to bounding you will be putting on it over the 70.3 miles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ8AszSgMWA Performance, Fat Loss, Nutrition Solutions from Dr. Jeff Banas All training plans include a 50% discount for a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Banas. This is an opportunity to talk personally with Dr. Banas about your race schedule, fitness or fat lose goals, supplement suggestions, sleep and recovery options, stress, performance bio-hacks and even blood or lab test that may be helpful for you. The normal cost for a 20 min consultation with Dr. Banas is $97.00.

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