Half-Ironman First Time, Power or HR, 10-13hrs/wk.

This training plan was designed by Joe Friel for the triathlete doing his/her first half-Ironman/70.3 race. It may also be used by the athlete who has not done a long-course race in some time and wants to get back into racing at the 70.3 distance. This plan was designed so that it may be used by either an under- or over-50 aged triathlete. The workouts and progression are based on the principles in Joe's Triathlete's Training Bible. The plan is best started 12 weeks prior to your race. The bike workouts are based on either using a heart rate monitor or a power meter. Run workouts are heart rate-based and swim workouts are based on pace. Weekly training volume starts at about 10 hours per week and gradually increases over the 12 weeks to a high of about 13 hours in week 10. There is a rest and recovery week every third week when training volume is reduced to about 8 hours. At the end of these R&R weeks there is simple testing to gauge progress toward your race goal. By the end of 12 weeks you will have excellent half Ironman race fitness. The last week of the plan organizes the workouts based on which day - Saturday or Sunday - your race is on. Just follow the guides that week to do the correct workouts. Your swim, bike, and run training zones (heart rate, power, and pace) should be set before starting the plan. (For a detailed description of how to set your zones go to http://www.trainingbible.com/joesblog/2009/11/quick-guide-to-setting-zones.html.)

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