Half Marathon 12 Week 6-7 Day/Week Plan

A 12 week half marathon training program based on running 6-7 days per week. This plan assumes you are an experienced half marathoner with a significant existing base (45-60 miles per week). Overall mileage depends on your speed (mileage estimates and paces based on 1:25 half marathon athlete). Many of these workouts are based on duration, not mileage, so please use duration, not distance when applying this plan on workouts noted as such. If you are using my coaching services, the plan will be tailored to your HR and pace zones. If you are not using my coaching, base your paces on the McMillan calculator and enter them into your pace zones and the workouts for the most accurate application. Includes weekly form drills as well as pre and post run warm up/cool down routines. This plan can be coupled with other 4-week training program modules to produce a longer plan or an annual training program. Other 6-7 day/week modules include: Mileage Base, Workout Base, Hills, Speed, and Stamina. All programs are based on the McMillan principles of training.

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