Half Marathon - Moderate 12 Week Run Up Training Plan

This plan is designed for those who are coming into their training with a little bit of running experience and are looking to up from a basic plan to one that will improve their half marathon result. This plan is managable for most runners with a fair amount of experience - even those with limited time for training. The recovery days in this plan are Monday and Friday with the key quality sessions being Tuesdays and longer runs on Sunday. And to ensure that your training is of the highest quality, a regression rate test is performed in the first week of the plan, and a heart rate zone chart (provided) can be used to ensure your training impact is maximized. There is a nice combination of both endurance based sessions as well as some great speed sessions in this plan. This is a great way to move up from a beginner plan. All workouts are designed based on HR training zones so each workout is customized to each individual runner.

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