HCA 5k Training Program: Running Beginner and / or Rehabilitation After Injury

5K 8-Week Training Program: [Ideal for beginner and athletes overcoming a recent injury like ITB, Achilles and similar issues and you are health and ready to start into a running program again] Handcrafted training programs for beginners to elite can be expressed by distance you run, or the amount of time in which you have completed your run. When starting a running program [or coming back from an injury] the important part is not rushing into the program by over-training and not allowing adaptation to take place. This 5k training program is designed to gently start your running or rehab program safely so you can complete your first 5k or return to full time training program. You don't need a heart rate monitor, pace per mile to complete the program, but if you do have those telemetry monitoring devices then we can help you customize your program for a small fee. Please contact your Handcrafted Athlete Master Coach for more information or if you have questions about your 5k or rehab program. Handcrafted Athlete can modify the training program for a more personalized training program.

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