Indiana Cyclocross Plan 2016

This is a cyclocross specific training plan for racing around Indiana. This includes races from the Indy Cross Series and the OVCX Series. It is built to peak around the Indiana State Cyclocross Championships and UCI Cincy 3 Weekend. This is an 8 week plan that will start on Labor Day. This plan is good for an athlete who has a good base in, or road season behind them as it will start with high intensity workouts. In the first 3 weeks the plan also includes cyclocross specific running workouts. The plan focuses on two aspects of cyclocross that are very important. First the efforts. Cyclocross has a very On / Off effect. Efforts in cyclocross are short so the efforts in the plan are short and full gas. Again it is good to already have a solid base in so you can be ready of the demands of the high intensity and very specific workload. Secondly you will work on skills! Skills are very important in cyclocross and really half the race. The better you are on the skills the faster you will go, the more comfortable you will be, you will save energy and etc. It will be good to find a park or place you can set up a mock course.

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