Intermediate Duathlon 12 weeks

This program should be used for an athlete who is new to duathlon and their goal is to complete a standard distance duathlon of 10km/4km/5km The schedule consists of 3 workouts per week in each sport. This program can also be used to lead you into the 12 Week 10k/40k/5k Distance duathlon plan. Heart-Rate training This plan uses heart-rate training zones for intensity specific training.  There are also a few weeks with some additional testing in this plan, see See 'Related Links' at bottom for testing protocol and how to determine and setup your heart-rate zones.    Since this is a basic program and some athletes may not be able to complete the test outlined in this article above, I thought it would be best to leave out the testing in the program.   Background requirements You should be able to bike at least 90 minutes, and run at least 45 minutes.

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