Intermediate Hotter'n Hell Hundred 12 Week Training Plan: 6-15hrs/wk

This plan is for the intermediate level cyclist with 6 hrs to 15 hrs a week to train and looking to complete the Hotter'n Hell Hundred. This plan focuses on the quality of the riding you will be doing with a moderate amount of time on the bike. Another component of this plan is dialing in your hydration strategies using our hydration analysis that will be provided with the occassional warm weather workout. You can expect intervals during the weekdays focusing on increasing power at Lactate Threshold as well as intervals focusing on building Aerobic Capacity. We'll also be gradually building up the time of the weekend rides as we go through the plan to build up your endurance. You can expect some of your shorter rides to be done in the heat of the day to simulate what you'll experience in HHH paired with a hydration analysis on those days to determine if any changes need to be made to your hydration strategies. Each hydration analysis will auto calculate your results based on your pre & post ride weight along with how much fluid you drank during your ride. Each workout requiring a hydration analysis will come with a link to the hydration analysis form. To get started, you'll want to make sure you complete the field test in the attached training guide (under plan details) to establish your training zones for this plan. Make sure you are well rested going into the field test and have had a few lighter rides leading into the field test. Before starting this plan or any other plan, please consult with your doctor to ensure you are fit to complete a training plan with sustained cardiovascular workouts in warm to hot weather conditions. For questions on this plan you can contact one of our coaches at

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