INTERMEDIATE Ironman Triathlon Plan. 12 to 16 hours per week. 12 Weeks.


This plan is ideal for age-group triathletes who work Monday to Friday. It progresses from 12 to 16 hours per week over a 12 week period and is designed to help you achieve peak fitness in time for your target Ironman event. To commence this plan I suggest you already have at least 18 months experience of triathlon, including 3 months of recent training under your belt.

Generally there are nine or ten workouts per week, consisting of 3 swims, 3 cycles, 3 runs and a strength and conditioning workout. Weekend training generally consists of a long ride and a long run, with shorter workouts in the week. There are several days per week where you'll have two workouts per day. Every fourth week is an active recovery week, with a lower training volume to help your body recover and adapt to the accumulative training load.


This training plan requires commitment, especially as the weekly volume progresses over time. Athletes who've successfully followed this plan have enjoyed their Ironman experience and recorded significant personal records.

"I ended up surpassing my Ironman expectations with 11:51 on a tough day. I had tremendous success with your plan". Mike M, Ironman Boulder August 2014.


Your training plan gives you detailed daily workouts, so you know exactly what to do each day. If you have Training Peaks Premium, you can drag and drop the workouts to suit your personal availability. I give advice on how to do this effectively in the instructions attached to day 1 of your training plan. There are five different Training Zones so that you know how hard to train each day. You can use perceived exertion, heart rate, power, pace or a combination of all four.


This plan is designed by Phil Mosley who has written over 50 published training plans for UK magazines such as Triathlon Plus and Cycling Weekly. He is an 8 hour 55 Ironman finisher and an Ironman Certified Coach with 20-years experience. You can email him if you have any questions about your plan.


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