INTERMEDIATE LEVEL International (Olympic) Distance Triathlon Plan. 7 - 12 hours per week. 24 Weeks

Designed for triathletes who want maximum results from minimal time, this training plan will gradually build your fitness, confidence and race readiness for your target race. Athletes who've followed this plan have conquered International (Olympic) distance triathlons all over the world and set many personal records. 

"I was faster in all three disciplines compared to the same race last year and by 14-minutes overall." Joseph Ong, Hong Kong International Tri, October 2014.


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There are normally 10 workouts per week, consisting of 3 swims, 3 cycles, 3 runs and a strength workout. There's a day off each week and an active recovery period every fourth week, designed to help your body adapt. To commence this plan we suggest you already have at least six months experience of triathlon training. 

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Phil Mosley: "I have 20 years experience of helping age group athletes surpass their goals, while still making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. My training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. I set proven, time-efficient higher intensity workouts in mid-week, with longer aerobic workouts at the weekends."

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