Intermediate MTB Early Season Prep Plan

This plan is geared at the mountain bike racer with 8.5-12 hours a week to train and wanting to sharpen your ability to handle the intensity of mountain bike racing across repeated hard efforts and improving lactate threshold. This plan assumes you've already established a good solid aerobic base. This plan builds upon the foundation you built during your base period by strengthening your anaerobic capacity so you can handle repeated difficult efforts, maintain the threshold work you've already done so you can have the endurance to be competitive late in the race, and continue in building some consistent top end strength so you can handle the off and on power demands of MTB racing. Much of the intervals are built into the weekdays to allow for flexibility to replace some of the endurance weekend rides with races if so desired. This plan will work with either power or heart rate or both. To get started, you'll want to make sure you complete the field test in the attached training guide (under plan details) to establish your training zones for this plan. Make sure you are well rested going into the field test and have had a few lighter rides leading into the field test. Before starting this plan or any other plan, please consult with your doctor to ensure you are fit to complete a training plan with sustained cardiovascular workouts in warm to hot weather conditions. For questions on this plan you can contact one of our coaches at

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