Intermediate Time Trialer - (25min-30min 10 MILE TT Time) 8 Week (HR)

Do you want to achieve the best time trial form of your Life? The training in this plan is proven to work and has already won a National Silver Medal! The Plan is designed for men and women road cyclists and triathletes who is a intermediate 25min-30min 10 MILE TT Time and only want to train approx. 7 hours/week. The plan will start with a threshold test to measure your current training zones. Most of the weeks are around 7-8 hours/week in this plan, with the option to extend ride times. The training is designed to first increase your threshold power. You will then dramatically increase your VO2 power and time trial speed with highly specific intervals. The final weeks will bring on peak form with a threshold test at the end to measure results.

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