Intervals for the Stage Racer - Basic

Six Week Interval Training Plan for Stage Racers Are you an all-around hard man/woman on the road bike who can't race just one discipline? Our 6-week training plan for stage racers combines plenty of threshold work in the aero position with Sweet Spot, VO2's, and Anaerobic intervals to get you ready for anything the pack or the terrain can dish out! And to really get fast, there's the dreaded Tabatas! This plan even incorporates training races along with the weekend group rides so you're getting a chance to work your pack reading skills as well as your legs and lungs! With all of those hard efforts, we've balanced it with endurance rides and recovery days to you stay healthy and progressing toward your fastest season yet! We've included the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet with a Field Test that you'll do before and after so you can measure your improvement and keep your training zones accurate! Plus, if you've got a compatible Garmin or use a smart trainer, you can export the interval workouts to your device and ensure that you are riding at exactly the right efforts! Recovery techniques, Yoga, strength and conditioning work and regeneration weeks will help you get those marginal gains that make the difference between 1st and second place. There are videos for you to follow along with the exercises, all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and the motivation to be your fastest self!

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