Ironman (140.6) Triathlon Training Plan - 20 Weeks

This training plan is designed for the intermediate/advanced triathlete looking to take on the challenge of an Ironman (140.6). He/she may be moving up in distance from a Half Ironman (70.3) or looking to improve upon a previous race result. This plan averages approx 14 hrs / week (maximum of ~21.5 hrs) and consists of three (3) swims, three (3) bikes, and three (3) runs. Over time, two (2) additional runs are added in the form of "bricks" (bike + run). Two (2) weekly strength training sessions are also built into the plan. Prior to beginning the training plan, the athlete should be training consistently and should be able to comfortably complete 2600 meters/yards of swimming, 2 hours of cycling and 1 hour of running. - 2 Swims - 3 Bikes - 5 Runs* - 2 Strength Training Sessions * 2 of the Bikes are "Bricks" (Bike + Run) and include relatively short runs immediately after the bike workout. The workouts are based upon the following Training Zones: Zone Name RPE Z1 Recovery 6 - 8 Z2 Extensive Endurance 9 - 11 Z3 Intensive Endurance 12 - 14 Z4 Sub Threshold 15 Z5a Super Threshold/LT 16 Z5b Anaerobic Endurance 17 Z5c Power 19 - 20 If you have any questions OR issues – please feel free to contact me at

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