Ironman 140.6 Triathlon Training Plan 33 wks- Train Smart NOT Long, by Dr Jeff Banas

33 week Ironman Triathlon Training Plan. This training plan was built for a first time ironman triathlete. This was actually his first triathlon ever.. If you purchase this plan includes monthly consultations with Dr Jeff Banas. This plan includes Dr. Banas’s resource guide called, “101 Unique, Cutting Edge, “Non-Run-of-the-Mill” Performance, Fat Loss and Recovery Hacks” This resource guide gives you instant access to every tool that I recommend to my sports medicine patients and the exclusive athletes I personally coach. It’s jam-packed practical things you can use to enhance fat loss, recovery and sports performance. Performance, Fat Loss, Nutrition Solutions from Dr. Jeff Banas All training plans include a 50% discount for a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Banas. This is an opportunity to talk personally with Dr. Banas about your race schedule, fitness or fat lose goals, supplement suggestions, sleep and recovery options, stress, performance bio-hacks and even blood or lab test that may be helpful for you. The normal cost for a 20 min consultation with Dr. Banas is $97.00. However, since you purchased this training plan, you can get a 30 to 45 min consultation with Dr. Banas for only $47.00. If you want to take the next step and personalize your fitness goals, please go the the below link and download the New Client Coaching form, fill it out and email it to Then just make a $47.00 PayPal payment to Once these are done, Dr. Banas will review the information sheet and contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk on the phone or by Skype. If you have any other information, such has blood or lab studies, x-ray or MRI reports, please also send those to Dr. Banas. This program has a lot more strength training than most Ironman Training Plans. There is a reason for this: Most people slow down in Ironman NOT because of lack of cardio (out of breath), most people slow down because their legs are tired. Strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue. Another reason we do strength training is to help with cramping. Most people cramp in races NOT because of dehydration or salt loss, MOST cramping is because you are pushing your muscles harder and faster than you did in your training. Again strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue and help reduce cramping. There are a few long cycling days 70-100 miles, but those are mostly for nutrition practice and so you have the mental confidence that you can ride that distance. The same goes for a 17-20 mile run in the program, push yourself and get some confidence. For more info about Dr Banas' approach to Ironman Training watch these videos here: Ironman Training: Train Smart Not Long Part 1 Ironman Training: Train Smart Not Long Part 2 If you have any questions about this program or any of Dr Banas' plans or services call or email him at 480-633-6837

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