Ironman 16 Week Winter Plan

This plan is for any IRONMAN athlete. The goal is to bring you through the winter months and into spring with more power and strength. You can then use the spring to build your endurance around your new found power and speed. Using HR or Power, this plan keeps the bikes to 2-3:30 and the run to 1:30. Workouts are designed to build your power on the bike through intervals at and above your FTP/LTHR. Doing this will help you be ready for spring without having to suffer on the trainer for long rides. You will also build your strength on the run with steady tempo workout through the week. The average week is 9-10 hours, with the longest being 12. The weeks are built to have 3 bikes to build FTP/LTHR, and 3 to 4 runs to build power and strength. There are 3 swims that are focused on drills and endurance. Use this plan to get stronger through the winter and be ready to build your endurance when the weather turns better.

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