IRONMAN® 24 Week Beginner

This is a 24-week plan for the first-time IRONMAN® triathlete and is designed to prepare you for your IRONMAN® race by building exceptional aerobic fitness. This plan is simple to follow and is written in every day language. Suggestions are made throughout to guide you in making training and race planning decisions. Over the course of 24 weeks the weekly volume builds from 10.5 to 14.75 hours. There is an R&R period every third week to allow for recovery and adaptation. If you are starting this plan with fewer than 24 weeks remaining until your IRONMAN® race you may jump in at any point along the way so long as you have been training consistently for at least the number of weeks you are missing from the schedule. Most weeks include 3 workouts in each sport plus strength training once (last 12 weeks) or twice (first 12 weeks). It is strongly suggested that you own and know how to use a heart rate monitor while following this plan.

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