IRONMAN® 24 Week Beginner

IRONMAN can be an exciting event and a daunting challenge for beginners. Facing this challenge and succeeding is what makes it such an incredible personal accomplishment. Getting to the start line well prepared and with a solid game plan gives you a lot more confidence for the day. Enjoy this training plan, intended for newer IRONMAN athletes who want to feel prepared on the start line and who are targeting a successful finish.

Many athletes are deterred from doing IRONMAN because they don’t feel they have the time available to train. While it takes a fifteen to twenty hour training schedule (or more!) to absolutely maximize your IRONMAN potential, a lot of the work done in an arduous schedule is to squeeze the last 10% of performance out of yourself. You can accomplish most of the basic IRONMAN fitness necessary in a ten to twelve hour training week if you utilize your training time wisely. This will allow you to start the race with confidence and finish the race strong.

About The Plan

Enjoy this training plan, which is a manageable progression intended for newer IRONMAN athletes. The planned training hours of the program ease you into routine at 4 to 6 hours per week, and never exceeds 14 hours. There are also plotted opportunities for “Boost Sessions”: time to work on your personal swim, bike or run area of need. This plan will accommodate the beginner who wants to feel prepared on the start line and who is targeting a successful finish. Do the sessions in the order listed, and pay close attention to the details within the individual sets. Exceeding the heart rate or perceived effort “Zone” indications may push you over the edge.


You are healthy and injury free. Initial fitness requirements are low as this program spans enough duration to build you up for your big event. You are comfortable swimming, cycling and running and have the fitness and skills to complete 30 minutes of easy running, 60 minutes of easy riding and you can swim 800 nonstop. It is recommended that you have previously completed a Standard Distance triathlon (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6 mile run).

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