Ironman Build-Peak-Race Period 18-20 hrs/wk (Advanced) Power or HR.

This 12-week Ironman Build-Peak-Race period training plan was designed by Joe Friel using the principles described in his books--The Triathletes Training Bible and Going Long. It works well for both over-50 and under-50 athletes. It should be started exactly 12 weeks before your Ironman race week (race week is the 12th week of the plan). Following this plan will prepare you for your Ironman by including all of the elements used by Joe in training his advanced IM athletes. An advanced athlete is someone who has been in the sport for several years and has completed at least two Ironman races. Note that this is a very challenging training plan calling for workouts in most weeks of 18 to 20 hours (recovery breaks every third week and taper weeks prior to the race are considerably less). There are optional workouts included in some weeks to allow you to customize the plan to your capacity for training. To start this plan you should have completed 2 or more Iron-distance races and have a goal of improving your personal best race time or finishing on the podium. You may use either a heart rate monitor or power meter for bike workouts. Run workout intensities are mostly heart rate-based with occasional options calling for goal IM pace or effort. Swim workout intensities are based on T-times or perceived exertion. Your training zones should be established before starting this plan. (For detailed description of how to set your zones for heart rate, power or pace go to This plan is simple to follow and is written in every day language as you can see in the PREVIEW. Suggestions are made throughout to guide you in making training and race planning decisions.

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