*** Ironman Finisher in 16 wks - ONLY 5 days/wk Training, Sunday Race

This is a 16 week plan which assumes athletes can currently complete a 1 hour run, 2.5 hour bike ride, and are confident they can make the swim cut-off with minimal swim training, (3 swims per week). The plan consists of only 5 days of workouts per week, set-up as every Monday and Friday completely off from training. Long runs are on Wednesdays, with Saturday and Sunday normally used for bigger bike days. There is also one bike workout per week to be completed on a bike trainer.

Training weeks start at 8 hours, and get as high as one week of 17 hours. The average is 12-14 hours of training per week, with an Ironman race to be completed on a Sunday.

This plan takes a balanced approached to training and preparation, understanding the bike and run will be the two biggest factors in your race performance. Some may find that certain sports do not get trained enough, but key factors to performing well have been considered when designing this plan. The plan is great for athletes with a HR monitor, designed with this in mind, but also those without.

The plan follows a Linear Periodization model which will stress athletes, with recovery periods to allow for proper recovery and adaptation. If athletes follow the workouts as listed and suggested, they will see the benefit of performing at your peak for the Ironman! If athletes modify the plan, and do not follow the guidelines of the daily workouts, the results may vary.

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