Ironman Lake Placid - 24 week plan with functional strength & calculator for HR & Power Zones

Creator: Maria Simone, No Limits Endurance Coaching
Length: 24 weeks
Weekly Duration (average): 15 hours
Ability level: Advanced beginner to intermediate

This 24-week plan is ideal for the advanced beginner or intermediate who will be racing Ironman Lake Placid.

The plan includes information about how to set your heart rate zones for the bike and run (and for those who have power, that information is provided for how to set those zones as well), and for identifying your t-pace for specific swim workouts.

Prior to starting this plan, you should be able to swim 2000 yards, bike 3 hours continuously, and run 75-90 minutes continuously. The plan includes swim sessions 3x/week, cycling 3-4x/week, and running 4x/week. You will begin with 10 hours per week, and peak at just under 19 hours. The average training time is around 15 hours per week, making this plan manageable for busy lifestyles.

In addition to the swim, bike and run sessions, this plan provides functional strength training sessions (mostly 4x/week, with a few 3x/week).

This plan was created by a three-time IMLP finisher, who trains there every year, several times a year. I know and understand the course, and this plan is geared toward your successful completion of this race. I include bike and run workouts to help you build endurance and strength for the hills. You will make your way to that Olympic Oval finish line!

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