Ironman Texas 2017 (Beginner 27 weeks)

This plan is designed for the beginner Ironman triathlete. Prior to purchasing this plan, it is recommended that the triathlete have completed several Olympic distance triathlons or the very least, a half-ironman race. The triathlete should be capable of swimming 30-45 mins continuously, cycle 2-3 hours continuously and running 60-90 mins continuously. If you have a power meter, you can substitute the HR zone for power zone. However, I recommend using HR zone for the long endurance cycle days as fatigue from the week or environmental factors will play a big part in this particular workout. Additionally, if you have had shoulder issues or not much experience swimming, you may want to replace the swim strength workouts with a form or speed workout. Also, if in the beginning you cannot complete the total swim workout, shorten the main set according to your current fitness. After 4-6 weeks, you should be caught up to the full workouts. Swim intensities using the RPE scale are as follows: 6-11 easy, 12-15 moderate. Finally, if you are excessively tired from a particular workout, week or training block and need a rest or additional recovery, listen to your body. Take an extra day or three or even a week if that is what it takes. This program is designed so if you miss a few workouts, it won't ruin your training. After all, it doesn't matter how well or fast you can swim, bike or run; if you don't make the start line, it really doesn't matter.

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