Ironman Triathlon Training Plan - Level 10

If your goal is to win an Ironman, or you wish to train as well as those who do win Ironmans, use this training plan.

In the Level 10 plan you will swim, cycle, and run each 4 times a week. This weekly workout schedule includes a bike-run brick workout, which takes place on Thursday in odd-numbered weeks and on Saturday in even-numbered weeks.

The plan is 24 weeks long. The base, build, and peak phases last 8 weeks apiece. Every fourth week is a recovery week and the final 2 weeks constitute a tapering period. There are 3 optional tune-up races scheduled: a sprint in Week 12, and Olympic distance event in Week 16, and a half Ironman in Week 20.

The Level 10 plan begins with 9,300 yards of swimming, 6 hours and 40 minutes of cycling, and 3 hours and 13 minutes of running in Week 1. It peaks with 15,375 yards of swimming, 11 hours and 20 minutes of cycling, and 5 hours and 30 minutes of running in Week 22.

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