Ironman Wales Beginner

This plan is designed to prepare the athlete for the rigours of the notoriously tough IM Wales. Racesnake coach Mike Bridge has collaborated with welsh native Carol Bridge (2nd pro out of water IM Wales, Castle series winner and commonwealth games). Carol lives and trains on these roads and so her insight into how to prepare gives this plan an edge you may not find elsewhere. Mainly designed for beginner athletes who have no experience of IM or 70.3 , the plan could also be used by athletes who are coming with training backgrounds from other disciplines and are aiming to finish their 1st IM. The plan builds from 7hrs to a maximum of 15.00 hrs with around 50% of those hours as cycling. The swim facet of this plan focuses on the athletes ability to maintain a steady pace over the IM distance. To this end swim sessions are simple to follow and work on consistency over set distances, making them time efficient and effective. The early swim sessions make use of a pull bouy to allow weaker swimmers to complete the distance and replicate the use of wetsuit on event day. Longer endurance bike/run endurance sessions have been placed on weekends and so could easily be swapped with events of a similar time/distance. However the athlete should be careful about inserting too many high intensity competitions that will affect the consistency of training over the following week. In IM training consistency is all! The plan does not follow a traditional taper and stays relatively high volume until the final week. This is in line with new thinking on how to avoid losing fitness in the lead up to IM type events. Need more guidance on your journey to the big day? Use this plan in conjunction with Racesnake's personal coaching and see your times smashed. Coaching for this plan starts at £50/month. Good luck on the big day and Hwyl Fawr!

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