IRONMAN Wisconsin (IMWI) 2017 Training Plan by Andy Potts (24 Weeks, 12-16 hours)

This plan was based on my experiences racing and preparing for Ironman racing and the lessons I have learned along the way. We will teach you a smart approach to continuous improvement. This is a 18 week Ironman Training Plan for Athletes who have previous racing/training experience and whom are fairly proficient in all 3 disciplines. It is designed where you can insert races into the schedule at various points by simple removing the training sessions for that week and inserting the 'race week' workouts from the week of your 'A' event. Check out more training and coaching options at For a detailed plan description/training guide with pace calculators and commonly used terms defined, go here: This training plan uses test sets to establish training paces, power zones and hr zones. To calculate your zones, go here: Live Your Dreams, Andy

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