Ironman Wisconsin Training Plan - Advanced 35 Week

This training plan has been created by Jessica Laufenberg. Jessica is an Exercise Physiologist and Biomechanic Specialist. She has been been coaching and training for over 20 years, specifically working with iron distance triathletes the past 10 years. To follow is a detailed and advanced training plane for for Ironman Wisconsin. This is an aggressive training plan for those athletes with a lot of experience and base training/racing. This plan will have specific workouts written in detail for you to follow. The plan builds you up to a CTL of 125, starting at a CTL of 75, 34 weeks out from the A race. TSB for race day is 15.3. The first 20 weeks focuses on running, with the longest run to complete being 20 miles. Be prepared to come into the training plan with a long distance weekly run base of 15 miles and a long run of 10 miles. There will be four FTP tests and two run threshold tests during this program. As your thresholds changes, update all files and zones to have accurate data. Swim workouts are based on a 100 meter threshold pace of 1:30. As your threshold increases (which can be seen in workouts), adjust threshold pace. This plan will have you complete one olympic distance triathlon, two half distance triathlons, and one metric training day. These events can be dropped/exchanged for a training session of similar stress. Goals for riding a hilly course is to have a NP (Normalized Power) of .72-.75 of your FTP. Variable Intensity (VI) to be 1.06 or less. It is recommended to complete two sessions per week of functional strength training. With this advanced training plan ensure you are taking care of your recovery with regards to rest, nutrition and regular body work.

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