L'etape du Tour(11 July 2011 mini 108km) Intermediate 12 week plan

Sportive Intermediate 5-6 days per week This plan is designed for the intermediate Sportive rider that has been riding for at least 6 months. The plan has you riding 5-6 days a week and progressively builds you, so that your weekends get a little longer and the workouts get a little harder throughout the plan. Don't worry; you will improve as well, so you will be ready for them when you get to them. The plan uses different training zones, so you can use a heart rate monitor, power meter or just go on your 'feeling'(RPE-rate of perceived exertion). This is a great way to give yourself structure and keep you focused to attain your goal at your Sportive. Go for it and I know you'll really improve Your plan comes with a FREE interactive training diary where you can enter and download all your training data, meals, heart rate and power readings. You can access your training diary from any computer, iPhone app or just print it off for a hard copy.!

PLUS A FREE 30 page booklet ‘A Cyclists Guide To Riding Sportives’ CONTENTS o Introduction to Sportives o Training Explained o Which bike and equipment to buy o Clothing and kit o Bike Fit o Basic bicycle maintenance o How to ride in Groups safely o Descending and cornering tips o Nutrition Guidelines o Fuelling your ride o Why cyclists need to stretch o Event day checklist o Riding the Event

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