Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race - 16 Week Program for Intermediate to Experienced Riders

PURPOSE: The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race is the ultimate challenge for mountain bike enthusiasts. Riders will be challenged by the sheer distance of the event, difficult terrain, potentially extreme weather conditions and altitude as they climb to elevations of over 12,000 ft.! Focus and commitment are keys to success when it comes to preparing for any extreme endurance event. Coach Troy Jacobson, Sr. Director of Endurance Training for Life Time Fitness, and Signature Program Manager for PWR Cycle, developed this 16-week training program with input from Pro MTB and Coach, Trapper Steinle, for the experienced cyclist who has an honest respect for the event and understands the commitment and sacrifice required to be properly prepared to complete it and achieve personal goals. Leveraging the concepts of periodization and progression, the program combines indoor training, road riding and off-road riding as it progresses the athlete through several phases of competitive fitness development including base, aerobic endurance, lactate threshold, skill/technique and then taper/peak. Athletes can expect training volumes to crest at just around 15 hours a week of time 'in the saddle' as they build endurance, strength and power for this race. This program, in combination with proper diet and recovery practices, promises to bring the competitive rider to a high level of form and to feel fully confident and prepared to have their best result on race day. It can also be used for other extreme endurance Mountain Bike races.

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