Leadville 100 MTB

Whether you're planning to ride the Leadville 100 for the first time or are aiming for one of the coveted belt buckles, proper training is the key to having a successful race! This plan assumes you've been building up some base miles this winter and are revved to work on getting stronger & faster this Spring! This plan also assumes you've got a 9-5 job and perhaps family obligations that keep you from being able to ride all day, every day. Effort becomes a substitute for time during the week and weekends are when you can get your longer miles in. The rest & recovery days are just as important in your training so be sure to follow those too! Not all of the rides are on the trails since riding the trails all the time isn't always practical or possible. The roads are also a great way to work on your fitness and build your endurance! While this plan is focused on the Leadville 100, the Firecracker 50 race is also included as a fun goal before Leadville if you like! If you're only riding Leadville, there are alternative rides for the weekend of the Firecracker.

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