Leadville Qualifier Mountain Bike Race Plan- 100k Endurance MTB

I've completed four Leadville 100 mile mountain bike races and numerous qualifiers and other 100k mountain bike races. My best finish at Leadville was 7:42. In 2015 I created a training plan for my 64 year old father and he and I rode the race side by side. I know what it takes to ride an endurance MTB event. This is a 12 week progressive training plan designed to work the appropriate energy systems needed to complete and better your fitness for an endurance mountain bike race. The longer weekend mountain bike rides are the keystone workouts. Be sure to think about nutrition and dial in what works best for you and your stomach on these longer training rides. Come race day you want to know exactly what works for you. This plan is created with the assumption that the athlete has a base endurance built by previous riding: 3-5x week and is comfortable riding for 2-3hr rides. This plan includes: Free basic Training Peaks account Three 30min phone conversations with coach Shawn

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