MARATHON MOUNTAIN BIKE: 8-Week Race-Prep Phase (3)

Our 8-week MARATHON MTB Race-Prep Plan is designed for marathon racers (40-60 miles) looking to sharpen up their race day fitness leading up to their A-priority event of the year. This is PART 3 of a 4-part annual plan, however you can jump into this phase if you have spent at least 6-8 weeks building a solid aerobic strength base prior to starting this program. This 8 week program is set up as 4 two week blocks, with each block focusing on a specific energy system beginning with anaerobic power and gradually expanding through vo2 max, lactate threshold, and finally aerobic threshold. Along with the quality sessions, there are weekly endurance rides, recovery rides and strength maintenance sessions to solidify your fitness. Following this plan is our PART 4 of 4, 2-week Race (taper) phase to get you to the start line recovered, fit, and ready to race to your fullest potential (to find it, search "Cody Waite" in TP store). Included with your training plan purchase is the ability to email us with questions as you follow our plan: Good luck and have fun! DETAILS: -Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (adjustable by overall volume and volume of intensity) -Number of Weeks: 8 -Training Days per Week: 4-7 (written for 6-7 days, but can be consolidated to as few as 4) -Training Hours per Week: 7-15+ (depending on your preference of riding/aerobic volume) -Equipment Needed: gym equipment, HRM, power meter is preferred.

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