Marathon Taper Plan

The marathon Taper Plan is designed for those looking for extra guidance during the final stages of their marathon build up. The taper is crucial to make sure you arrive at the marathon in peak physical condition and not waste the miles and miles of hard work and sacrifices you've made so far. This plan contains a PDF file attached to each 'Monday' with details for the week and how to get the most out of the three week plan. The goal of this schedule is to ensure you adapt and recover from the training so far, but arrive at the start line fresh and crucially not feeling lethargic. To prevent this I've also suggested some ideal taper workouts. A marathon should be treated with the respect it deserves and should not be treated lightheartedly, remember fail to prepare, prepare to fail. By purchasing this programme you are also helping to support my own athletic career, while allowing me time to focus and dedicate to achieving my own athletic aspirations.

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