Master's Plan: 8 weeks to your "Peak" event

This master's plan is built for athletes age 50 and older. It takes into account that as we age, our bodies need more rest. This plan goes on a build: rest cycle of 2 weeks building, 1 week resting. This is your final 8 weeks leading up to you peak event or "A" priority event of the year. This plan is made to take you that final step to the top spot on the podium. It organizes your training, makes sure you address all of your energy systems, while focusing on your threshold power giving you the highest fitness possible. This plan gives you the perfect taper making sure you arrive at your event 'on form' for the day you want to be your best. How your final 8 weeks of training unfolds is absolutely key to your success and this plan will take the confusion and questions away, allowing you to focus on the hard work. The plan is made for someone with at least 12 hours a week to train in those last 8 weeks and is built on percentage threshold power and heart rate, so anyone can use it. Time to get ready for the final push and be fitter than ever on the day you want to be.

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